The day after the Take Steps for Kids 5K I did my first bike race of the year, the Carondelicious Crit. The race itself wasn’t notable for me (aside from the fact that I started and finished a bike race). The windy conditions weren’t particularly well suited for a rider of my size/shape/strength.

I took a long pull on the front to bring back a breakaway about half way through the 50 minute race. Then again with two laps to go I hit the front trying to bring back another solo breakaway. My teammate Mike took over with one lap to go as I got swallowed up by the pack. We couldn’t quite close the gap. The silver lining was that our teammate Reid made a move at the end and stayed clear of the pack to finish 2nd place. So the hard work put in by Mike and me turned out to be pretty useful (even if I dropped back to 35th place by the end).