Not wasting any time

I did my first long run in Colorado yesterday. It was only 15 miles, but I burned as many calories as I typically would for 23-24 on flat ground. The first 13.1 miles took longer than my last marathon. I’m certainly in a period of adjustment. My legs aren’t accustomed to running up steep hills for miles at a time, but I’d like to become stronger. My heart and lungs aren’t used to working hard at this elevation, but I’m hoping each day will be slightly easier than the last.

I’ve talked to a couple people this week while running who quipped, “You just moved here Monday!? You’re not wasting any time, are you?”

IMG 9421

IMG 9397

IMG 9409

IMG 9400

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IMG 9419

Screen Shot 2014 05 25 at 9 37 33 AM

Screen Shot 2014 05 25 at 9 35 37 AM

No, I’m not wasting any time.

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