The Comedian

My parents (in conjunction with my brother, who sells event tickets) were kind enough to give Melissa and I tickets to a Jerry Seinfeld performance for Christmas.  Being big fans of his former television program, we were relatively excited about the prospect of seeing him live.  The performance was last night and it didn’t disappoint.
Unfortunately, Seinfeld was clearly not feeling very well.  His voice was incredibly hoarse, he as coughing and blowing his nose.  At first the hoarse voice was distracting but I got used to it, and it even cleared up a little bit by the end.  He was a real trooper, though.  He performed for over an hour in front of a sold out 2000 person theater crowd in Peoria.
He was very good, perhaps too much so.  The person sitting behind us shouted “It’s true, it’s true” at least 10 times during the performance.  Seinfeld was very animated, much more so than I was expecting.  There was lots of gesturing and arm waving.  Apparently I was thinking that at 53 years of age he would be in a wheelchair or something.  I was wrong.

Tom Papa was the opener.  I had never actually heard of him before, but he was amusing.

3 thoughts on “The Comedian”

  1. really? i thought the “its true its true” person sitting behind us was a woman. the tall guy sitting directly in front of me was definitely a man though.

  2. MOM SCHO said:
    I thought SEINFELD was terrific from beginning to end. I was amazed that he just continued on even tho it was obvious he wasn’t feeling well. I had a great seat…someone about Melissa’s size sat in front of me.

  3. sorry, i read the first version of your post and thought you referred to the “its true its true” person as a guy.

    i also was amazed that he powered through what must have been a terribly sore throat. hopefully he had plenty of lemon/honey tea and is feeling much better now.

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