The Practice Leave

This morning on my way to work I had a practice leave. What is a practice leave, you ask? A practice leave is when you get your stuff ready and head out the door, only to realize you forgot something and have to go back inside to get it. It’s when the first leave doesn’t really take… it’s just practice. The next leave is the real deal.

This morning it was the little reflective straps I wear around my ankles while bicycling to keep my jeans from getting caught in the bike chain. I wouldn’t have gotten very far without them. In the past I’ve left without my wallet, keys, bike helmet, bike lock, bike headlight, bike taillight, computer, gloves, hat, glasses, you name it.

I’ve done this literally dozens of times. It’s slightly embarrassing when I walk back inside only to hear Melissa shout “Practice leave!” at me. I’ve gotten to the point where I now preemptively shout “Practice leave!” before she gets the chance.

4 thoughts on “The Practice Leave”

  1. As you are aware, I took a practice leave myself this morning.

    On rare occasions, I have actually arrived at my destination and realized I didn’t have something important with me (bike lock, power cord for computer) and had to turn around and go all the way back home.

  2. Twice when we lived in Champaign I got all the way to work before I realized I didn’t have my computer and I had to go all the way back home for it.



    You’re dad’s been doing that for years, we just didn’t know it had a name!

    Now we do. :)

  4. PRACTICE LEAVE!!!!!!!! Like your mom said, I had no idea there was a NAME for that!!!! here’s my suggestion…… GET A BASKET– ( large is good) and when you come home PUT everything in it, such as, keys, bike lock, helmet, reflector strips, wallet, , you get the idea — either SET it or HANG IT where it hits you in the head, when YOU WALK OUT THE DOOR !!!! WHICH will remind you to stop and gather up all your important , necessary items BEFORE YOU LEAVE!!!!! OR, just hang all items on a LARGE CHAIN and WEAR AROUND YOUR NECK AT ALL TIMES>>>>>>> :) OK, enuf for the HELOISE… hugs and have a good day, luv ya , nan

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