The Schroth Trail II

Brett & I skied 8.1 miles this morning on the Schroth trail at Allerton park. We did an outer loop and an inner loop. The entire trail had ski tracks already laid, so we didn’t have to do any of the really hard work. The warm temperatures yesterday made for some icy (i.e. fast) skiing today with plenty of glide.

This was the first time I have cross country skied where I wasn’t just in an open field. This trail actually had winding turns and rolling hills. It was much more technically challenging and it took some getting used to… but it was also much more enjoyable. The freezing fog (a phrase I just learned on this morning’s weather forecast) created a layer of hoar frost (another new phrase, thanks Brett) on the trees and prairie grass, so the views were spectacular (when I was in front, that is, otherwise all I could see was Brett’s butt). Much like yesterday, I overdressed, and paid the price in sweat.

I’m hoping to get at least one more ski session in before the current snow melts, but given that it’s raining right now and it’s only going to get warmer tomorrow, things don’t look promising.