The Kiss

I was just going through a box of old photos when I came across my all time favorite, the kiss. Melissa lived in Paris her junior year of college and I went to visit her over the semester break.

This photo was taken January 1, 2000. The previous night we celebrated l’an 2000 at the Arc de Triomphe, before walking 12 miles across town back to her dorm. On January 1st we watched a parade (I seem to recall a number of French police officers on rollerblades). Following the parade we walked to the Eiffel Tower and took this photograph. I framed the photo with Melissa in front of the tower. I then rested the camera precariously on a fence post, set the timer, and ran over to her. As I heard the shutter click I knew we had a keeper. We developed the film at a French camera shop so the prints have thin white borders all the way around (as is the style there).

A few months later two straight male friends of mine from ASP saw this photo and decided to imitate it when they backpacked through Europe together. Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy of it, but it was pretty funny.

6 thoughts on “The Kiss”

  1. My favorite, too!!!!!!!!!! That photo is framed , sitting on the hutch, near my computer, so I look at it daily!!!!!!! IT’s a KEEPER for sure!!!!!!! luv and hugs, nan

  2. i still remember how on New Year’s everybody was amazed that you were the only one who could navigate us all back home. i really didn’t think it was 12 miles though.

  3. What’cha got there…
    Some sort of a purse.

    You know the metros in Paris are numerous and surprisingly effecient. they probably even run lat on New Years.

    Seriously, cute pic

  4. I’d call it a messenger bag.

    The metro stopped running by the time we were heading home. It wasn’t just us walking alone through the streets of Paris. There were tens of thousands of people. The streets were packed. Everyone was walking home.

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