The Spiderman Mask

While celebrating Christmas with my mom’s extended family, my cousin Scott noticed this doosey of a photo on the wall at my parent’s house.

Kids in the 1980's

cousin Scott, brother Andy, little Rob, circa 1983-1984

Andy’s cut-off shirt and breezy short shorts can surely be explained by the fact that it was the early 80’s. But why am I wearing gloves and a Spiderman winter mask? Why are Scott & I wearing capes? Why am I wearing no shirt and why is Scott wearing no pants? Why does Andy have a piece of the Death Star on his arm? This photo raises more questions than answers.

8 thoughts on “The Spiderman Mask”

  1. You have certainly given me my LAUGH for the day!!!!!!!!! By the time I finished reading all your questions regarding your outfits, I had tears running down my face from laughing so hard!!! AREN’T PICTURES JUST THE BEST????????? Hopefully you found the answers to your many questions, BUT, as your mom will probably tell you, many times with CHILDREN>>>>>>> there isn’t any logical reason behind ?? whatever they are playing or WEARING????? but I’ll betcha, at the time, you had a VERY LOGICAL reason for dressing as you all did! Thanks for sharing>> luv ya, nan


    YOU GUYS ARE ADORABLE…faces only a mom could love!

    and…. Melissa, it tells a pretty good story as it is, cowboy boots would have been “over the top”…


  3. The answer to all of your questions is: YOU ALL ARE SUPER HEROES! have you ever seen spiderman? You need to go get your costumes on, start using your powers, save the world!

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