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I’ve been using the Twitter micro-blogging service for around 16 months now. I’m a fan. I’ve spent a bit of time recently data-mining Twitter (mostly work-related). I took a quick glance at my own usage patterns in this blog post. I’ll spare you the mathematical details and provide the condensed version here.

I’ve been using Twitter for 1 year, 3 months, and 21 days.

I’ve posted 1487 status message updates (tweets).

I’ve averaged 3.125 tweets per day.

Ragfield Twitter usage

I’ve typed a total of 107,442 characters.

I’ve averaged 72.25 characters per tweet (roughly half the allotted amount).

My shortest tweet was “bed”.

I’ve used 19,188 unique words (18,528 if you don’t count numbers).

My most commonly used word is “the”.

I’ve used 7,883 unique nouns.

My most common topics are: bike, work, time, ride, think, run, like, morning, race, mile(s), home.

I’ve used 4,300 unique verbs.

My most common actions are: bike, work, ride, think, run, race, see, know.

The users I mention most frequently are:

melissa_raguet 84
spoonshake 69
esmithrunner 32
erik_d 28
dbfulton 18
gutzville 14
ultrashea 11
erik__d 9
adamengst 9
chockenberry 6

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