The Look

Things have been hectic these past six days, but Melissa, William, and I are managing okay (with an awful lot of help from Melissa’s mother). Fig William has settled into a routine of eating, sleeping, pooping, and making funny faces (with the last two often done in conjunction). He had some real doozies today.

He’s got the look.

He's got the look

One eyebrow raised? Come on, that’s my look.

The look

Incidentally, I’ve posted a number of pictures to my Flickr stream that have not and/or will not make it to the blog. So if you really can’t get enough of William (Grandmas, I’m looking at you) you can check my Flickr stream on a regular basis… or better yet, subscribe to the RSS feed.

6 thoughts on “The Look”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pictures!!! You’re the best dad ever, Rob!!! and the raised eyebrow is sooooo cute — on each of you!!
    hugs to all, auntie

  2. keep the photos coming……… grama will be waiting for each and everyone……. they are all my favorites!!!! You are a fantastic daddy, and great support for mama, with you two in his corner, WILL cAN”T HELP BUT BE THE BESTEST BABY IN TOWN!!!!!and quite possibly the MOST LOVED!!!!!!!! it was great fun ‘helping’ out,,, anytime!!!!!!! luv to all, grama nan

  3. You have some serious competition in the raised eyebrow division. It was so exciting to meet William this evening! Thanks for bringing him out.

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