The Swing-a-majig

We were lucky enough not to be the first of our generation of friends and family to have a child. As a result, we’ve been fortunate enough to receive many hand-me-downs. Will loves his little hand-me-down bouncer.

Big shoes to fill

Melissa’s sister was nice enough to give us (among other things) a nifty swing. There was a slight hiccup with the swing though, when I started to assemble it I realized the entire assembly was there except for the seat… which I could not find anywhere. I searched the house high and low. Finally, Melissa asked her sister if she happened to sill have the seat. Her sister couldn’t find the seat.

Melissa started looking on Craigslist for swings. After a few days she noticed someone selling the exact same swing for a reasonable price, with the caveat that it didn’t run on AC power (battery only). Well, since it was exactly the same swing this limitation didn’t really matter because we could just take the seat off this one and attach it to the one we already had. We got the swing, swapped the seat, and Fig was good to go.


A day or two later we got a call from Melissa’s sister… she found the seat. Oh well, now there’s an extra. A day or two after that, a brand new swing (the exact same model) arrived at our house via UPS. My mom (who was well aware of our earlier dilemma) was kind enough to get the swing for us. In less than a week we went from zero functioning swings to three!

Well, I returned the new one, we’re using the pieced together swing, and we have still enough spare parts to build an entire new swing, should the need arise. We are fortunate enough to have many wonderful people who care about us enough to help us out in these stressful times, and for that we are truly grateful.

6 thoughts on “The Swing-a-majig”

  1. Ahh, that’s great…All’s well that ends well!!
    Love the two videos.
    Love you guys!
    Grandma Barb

  2. That’s great!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for bringing Will and his swing-a-majig right to me!!!
    hugs to all, auntie

  3. O WOW!!! I’m so happy for all the swing’s WILL has now!!!!! Looks like he was really enjoying it,,,,,,,,,,,, THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE VIDEO, it helps us feel we are ALMOST there!!!!!! I loved MARGE’s video ,too!!!maybe you can put a spare SWING upstairs, so Will can SWING wherever he is in the house!!! hugs to all, grama nan

  4. For the record, he is equally likely to scream bloody murder when you put him into the swing as he is to lie there and look adorable.

  5. Our first swing had “high” and “low”. When it had fresh batteries in “high” mode, it was not so different from Maggie’s catapult/swing. Ethan’s eyes would get huge and a little nervous.

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