Getting things done

Stuff sure takes longer than it used to. I used to be be able to get things done in a timely fashion, but frequent interruptions are making that a little more difficult. I’m still not exactly sure how Melissa finished her dissertation with Will in the house. She’s pretty hardcore.

Will doesn’t like to sit still. If I’m trying to work on the computer while holding him I generally can’t sit at the computer for more than 30 seconds before he becomes agitated. Then this morning, out of nowhere, he actually fell asleep while I was working. It was wonderful. I got a solid hour of uninterrupted computer work done. Sure, I had to do it one handed, but whatever.

It was cute until he started screaming

Then after he woke up I was able to get him to sit in his Bumbo seat for a while. He didn’t like it so much on the ground, but up on the desk it was okay for a few minutes. He was quite adorable until he started screaming. Then, like that, it was over.

2 thoughts on “Getting things done”

  1. awwwwww– WHAT AN ADORABLE BABY!!!!!!! even if it ONLY lasted for a few minutes………:) Life with WILL, is a piece of work in progress, enjoy the FUN and the not so fun times,, all toooooo soon he will NO LONGER be willing to sit on your lap or be carried around ( YOU THERE) !!! He is a precious little guy and soooooooooo photogenic for his PHOTOGRAPHER PAPPA RAZZI!!!!! hugs to all, grama nan

  2. Melissa IS hardcore, never doubt that. And Ben became very efficient at typing one-handed when Bryn was first born and he was doing an online moderator gig a few nights a week. As for me, I enjoyed the blessed sleep that those intervals provided.

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