June 2015




Medicine Bow

Quad Rock 50

Cascade Canyon in the Teton Range

Seven Utes

After a long, miserable spring, everything sort of came together in June. With some pretty intense physical therapy my knee pain finally vanished. I completed the Quad Rock 50 mile race on very little training. I recovered from Quad Rock faster than any other 50 miler I’ve run in the past, though it was also by far the slowest 50 miler I’ve run. I had two solid weekends of running on the course of the Never Summer 100K, a race I will tackle in late July. I had a nice 20 miler in the Tetons. It’s still a bit shocking how quickly my injury went away and I was able to ramp up my mileage. I’m already feeling so much better prepared for Never Summer than I was for Quad Rock. And it’s a good thing too, because Quad Rock will be easy by comparison.

Month Workouts Total Dist Avg Dist Total Ascent Avg Ascent
January 27 274.15 miles 10.15 miles 34486.2 feet 1277.27 feet
February 10 86.31 miles 8.63 miles 12141.1 feet 1214.11 feet
March 12 57.27 miles 4.77 miles 12320.9 feet 1026.74 feet
April 12 96.01 miles 8. miles 14028.9 feet 1169.07 feet
May 17 128.92 miles 7.58 miles 19814.3 feet 1165.55 feet
June 15 183.07 miles 12.2 miles 28361.2 feet 1890.75 feet
Total 93 825.73 miles 8.88 miles 121153. feet 1302.72 feet

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