The Elephant

(Simpsons episode 5F04)

Bart: Wow, I wish I had an elephant!
Lisa: You did, his name was Stampy, you loved him.
Bart: Oh yeah…

Apparently the circus is in town

I rode home from work last night on the same route I ride every night when I noticed an unusual smell near the University of Illinois Assembly Hall. I looked over to my right and there were two elephants being hosed down in the parking lot about 20 meters away from me. That explains the smell. It appears the circus has come to town.

Two elephants in the Assembly Hall parking lot

3 thoughts on “The Elephant”

  1. ELEPHANTS IN TOWN!!!!!!! Now that is a HEADLINE FOR SURE!!!! Right up there with WE’RE HAVING AN EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!!!! Wonder if there is a CONNECTION?? HMMMMMM,, GOOD photo!!! Do you and Meli plan to take in the CIRCUS???? hugs , nan

  2. It plays CDs automatically, and it has three distinct varieties of inane chatter.

    DJ 3000
    Hey, hey. How about that weather out there?
    Woah! _That_ was the caller from hell.
    Well, hot dog! We have a weiner.

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