The Twike

The Twike on the local news

The local news just ran a segment about a local man who drives a Twike, a bike/electric vehicle hybrid. I’ve seen this vehicle several times around town, generally on campus or traveling down Kirby outside my office window.

2 thoughts on “The Twike”

  1. TWIKE!!!!!!!!! O MY GOSH> that is theeeeee coolest thing ever……. BUT, wonder HOW MANY BAGS of GROCERIES I COULD GET IN IT???? Hmmmmmm– Will that be YOUR next MODE OF TRANSPORTATION?????? Thanks for sharing…….. hugs, Nan

  2. Rob, Rob, Rob…

    I can’t believe you let this guy think this up before YOU!!!

    You’ll have to come up with your own – – even better. maybe big enough for Nan & I to carry our groceries….

    Mom Scho

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