The Bike Friday

Five weeks ago I placed my order for a custom handmade Bike Friday Pocket Rocket. Today the waiting ended. The Bike Friday was delivered around noon to a very excited Melissa. I had to wait until I got home around 7:30 pm to play with it, but it was worth the wait. It arrived packed up in it’s suitcase. It took only a couple minutes to assemble–it packs much more easily than my old Dahon. I was riding it up and down the street in no time at all.

Bike Friday in suitcase

Bike Friday in suitcase

Unpacking Bike Friday

Partially assembled Bike Friday Pocket Rocket

Fully assembled Bike Friday Pocket Rocket on work stand in bike hole

Rob test riding new Pocket Rocket

Rob test riding new Pocket Rocket

Custom built for Ragfield by Green Gear Cycling, Eugene OR

Wow, it is sweet. The bike weighs 23 lbs, rather than the 33 lbs of the Dahon. Folding bikes do look a little strange, but this one does not feel strange. It rides just like any other road bike. The gearing is similar to that of other road bikes despite the smaller wheels due to the Shimano Capreo cassette & hub. The cassette goes all the way down to a 9 tooth cog, rather than the traditional 12 or 11 tooth cog on road bikes with larger wheels.

I will probably take it on a long ride tomorrow, but so far I’m very pleased with the Bike Friday.

3 thoughts on “The Bike Friday”

  1. CUTE BIKE, ( rider ,too)!!!! WHO WOULDA THUNK, someday they would FOLD A BIKE up in a SUITCASE!!!!! hmmmmmm- Happy trails to you, on your POCKET ROCKET!!!! Be sure to stay UPRIGHT at all times,,,,,, hugs, nan


    “POCKET ROCKET” nice name too…
    I think you will like the handle bars a lot better on the POCKET ROCKET. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a wet ride today, it’s pouring here.

    Oh, I’m glad to see Melissa was excited about it too!!

    She’ll probably be wanting one now – – it’s actually just her size!


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