The Vegan Fast Food

After my first cyclocross race last fall my cousin Scott took Melissa & I to Veggie Bite on the south side of Chicago. It is one of the few (only?) vegan fast food restaurants around. It was interesting (if a little weird) to see healthy, organic vegetables prepared so as to resemble some of the most disgusting foods I can imagine (e.g. gyro, philly cheese steak, meatball sandwich). Anyway, the food was good, and Scott seemed to enjoy it despite being an omnivore, so that says something.

We returned from our vacation in Nicaragua yesterday. On our way back to Urbana from O’hare Melissa wanted to stop for dinner at Veggie Bite. Much to my shock & horror she chose the most unlikely thing on the menu, a chili cheese dog. The food was actually very good. As we were leaving I picked up a vegan chocolate shake, which was one of the best shakes I’ve ever had.

Two of Melissa’s favorite juices, mango & carrot, combined into one

Vegan chili cheese dog, vegan taco & french fries

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  1. no matter!!! it looks GOOD TO ME>>>>>>>>>>> glad you finally ATE somethng!!!! your braids are cute!!! so happy you made it back safe and sound!!! hugs, mama /nan

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