The Truck Stop Bag

After living in Nicaragua for two months I returned to the U.S. on a business trip. I purchashed many supplies to bring back to Nicaragua– more than I could fit into my luggage. My mother came to the rescue with the truck stop bag. This is a huge backpack with dozens of zippered pockets that she purchased at some truck stop for some ridiculously low price, like $8. We travelled all over Nicaragua and Costa Rica with this bag. It literally ripped apart at the seems and Melissa sewed it back together.

Anyway, we’re on our way back to Nicaragua for vacation (currently waiting to depart O’hare). We wanted to travel light so we didn’t check any luggage, just a duffel bag and (you guessed it) the truck stop bag. Fully packed it’s almost as big as Melissa.

3 thoughts on “The Truck Stop Bag”

  1. Estoy mucho mas grande Que la mochilla.

    Your mom always comes to the rescue.

    See u on the plane.


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