The Nighttime

I went out in the pitch black dark with my camera & tripod to take some photos. As it was completely dark, I wasn’t always entirely sure what would be in the photos. I had to play around with the camera settings to get A) something to show up at all, and B) to get the content in focus.

Arboretum at night
30 second exposure, notice the stars in the sky

Trees at Arboretum at night

Row of trees at Arboretum at night

University President's house

Orchard & Vermont


5 thoughts on “The Nighttime”

  1. LOVED THE PHOTOS, especially the ONE of YOUR BEAUTIFUL” HOME” ALL LIT UP>>>>>>>> :) So, this proves another THING, YOu’re EVEN THE BEST at NIGHT PHOTOS!!!!!!! the STARS were incredible!!! GREAT JOB!!! SEE YA SOON– hugs, nan PS. , shall we take the FAM. photo in the DARK?????? -:)

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