The New Car

Rob & Melissa say goodbye to Iris

We’ve been putting this off for a few months, but this morning we finally traded in our beloved 2002 Insight for a new 2009 Prius. It was sad to see the Insight go, but we needed a car with a back seat now that Fig is on the way.

The new car

the new Prius in our driveway


the front of the Prius through a fisheye lens

We had a very pleasant experience buying the car from O’Brien Toyota in Urbana. It did take much longer than either of us expected (nearly four hours!). I guess it’s good to be thorough though.

4 thoughts on “The New Car”

  1. LOVE YOUR NEW CAR!!!!!!!! it is always sad to leave a GOOD car behind, though!!!!! You and Meli have many happy memories with IRIS, and now you will have many HAPPY memories with “THE NEW CAR”as well!!!!! Another chapter in the adventures of the Ragfields!!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing the neat photos!!! anxious to hear the NAME??? hugs, nan

  2. W O W ! !
    I think FIG is going to love it. Lots of room in the backseat for Fig.

    GRANDMA & GRANDPA also approve…

    I was going to make you an offer on the INSIGHT, but i guess it’s too late now.

    :) kidding.

    Good choice. Great car and great looking!

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