The Water Drinking Contest

I was recently reminded of a humorous experience from 2003, the water drinking contest.

Water drinking contest

My friends Brett & John argued about who could drink a liter of water the fastest. There’s really only one way to settle such an argument. Brett won the contest by a small amount. Then he made the unfortunate decision to quickly repeat the contest against me. He beat me, then immediately ran to the bathroom to vomit. That was the night we learned the human stomach does not hold two liters of water.

6 thoughts on “The Water Drinking Contest”

  1. I think it was John’s idea to have a round robin style tournament, so he drank another Liter in his bye round so he could play you next…ahhh good times

  2. As I recall I was the only one who was not disqualified for vomiting. So in another more accurate sence John is the winner, but I’m up for a rematch whenever.

  3. after getting pregnant but before Zofran, i would vomit every time i took 12 or more sips of water. i thought of this water drinking contest every single time that happened.

  4. thanks for the reminder! that’s so funny, I’m still laughing.

    next post…who can take off their pants faster?

  5. Oh, I seem to remember a fair amount of vomiting in the bathroom.

    and Aimee I do not want to see any pictures of the pants contest, I think Brett still wears those despite the missing crotch

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