6 thoughts on “More shortlist”

  1. my faves (no particular order):
    1. cable car
    2. bee in air
    3. bee feeding
    4. you w/Will in baby bjorn
    5. Will profile (b/w)
    6. Will w/sock monkey

  2. As if it wasn’t hard enough to decide before???
    I like both bees, the corn, and the rows of trees. I’ve also always really liked the one of the building with only one light on.

  3. I can’t pick between dragonflies and the flying bee. Really like the rust train. Love the composition of Winter Break, but not sure if it’s really a “best”?
    As for the people, I would vote for Fuss.
    For the photo of UHS, can you crop off some of the bottom and allow for more room at the top-it’s a lovely photo, I just think it’s a little too close to the middle and not on either a top or bottom horizon line.
    I also really like the tree row.
    Hope that’s somewhat helpful.

  4. they are all winners … but my ‘faves’ are:
    1. Shutterbug
    2. Rust
    3. Stalk
    4. Mother
    followed by every one that has landscape, buildings, ‘bugs’, and especially Will!! I would really seriously consider Shutterbug!
    hugs, auntie

  5. I really like the cable car, the sunset, and I liked that street light “Push button to walk’ too. I still like your silhouette. That was an awesome picture.

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