So there’s a “Photographic Print Competition” next month at Lincoln Square Mall. Both my wife and my father have suggested to me that I enter the competition, and they’re both pretty smart so I better do what they say.

I noticed the competition is sponsored by the Champaign County Camera Club, a club I had never heard of before, but sounded somewhat appealing to me. I checked out their website last Monday, just in time to notice one of their bi-monthly meetings was happening that evening on campus. I decided to go check it out. It was indeed interesting.

One of the odd things I learned at the meeting was the club members are not allowed to enter this competition for some reason. I’m still not exactly clear why this is the case. I mean, Second Wind Running Club puts on races in which club members are encouraged to participate. The same thing happens with events put on by Wild Card Cycling or Prairie Cycle Club.

Anyway, I didn’t join the club yet… and now I’m going to hold off doing so until after the competition. Speaking of which, I put together a shortlist of photos from 2009 I’m thinking about entering. Participants are allowed a maximum of three entries. There are multiple categories into which these photos might fit, most of which are fairly strictly defined:

  1. Architecture
  2. Animals
  3. People
  4. Nature (absolutely nothing human-made)
  5. General
  6. Manipulated (does not interest me)
  7. Youth division (ineligible)

Here are the photos currently at the top of my list:


Nature, Animals, General


Nature, Animals, General

Urbana High School

Architecture, General

Sock monkey

People, General

I’d really appreciate any feedback on which photos people think are the best. I’m sure with this audience any picture of Will will probably get an automatic vote, but try to keep in mind that photo contest judges may not be as interested in Will as many of you.

8 thoughts on “Shortlist”

  1. I would order them in the following sequence: honey bee, dragonfly, Will, (random?) building. And that is from excellent to good. I refrained from saying best to worst, because they are all nice. My photographic skills are well… non-existing ;-)

  2. Keep all but the building. It’s a fine picture, but has nothing that makes it stand out as really interesting or different. Good luck.

    Oh yeah, you are now ineligible for the win at Riddle Run and Clinton Lake!

  3. The two insects are excellent. Dragon Fly is 1st, Honey Bee 2nd.

    Too bad your sillhoute isn’t eligible, or if it is, I like it!

    Of course WILL!!


  4. I like the honeybee. The picture of Will is great, but I don’t know if it’s the kind that would do well at a photography contest. Maybe a “world’s cutest baby” contest.

    I don’t know what I’m saying

  5. i can only vote for Will because he’s the absolute best ‘subject’ ever!! But if you have to save him for the ‘cutest baby contest’, then my choice is the honey bee. AND i know less than nothing about photography!
    hugs, auntie

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