Peach Festival 5K

Last weekend I ran the Peach Festival 5K around the nearby CSU football stadium. I hadn’t yet run such a short, fast race since moving to Colorado. I was kind of curious just how fast I could run at this elevation if I tried. I’ve done very little speed training, instead focusing more on distance and ascent.

Starting line

Half mile

1.5 miles
Photo by Melissa

3 miles
Photo by Melissa

It went about as one might expect. I ran quite a bit slower than my last 5K in March, but not embarrassingly slow. My 17:46 was good for 7th place overall (out of 536) and 2nd old man (30-39 age group), which earned me a free peach pie.

Peach pie
Photo by Melissa

A long warmup and cool down gave me about 12 miles on the morning, and we followed that up with a fun time at the festival. Since nobody could tell us whether the pie was vegan we ended up giving it to the college kids who just moved in next door. They partied all night and may or may not have vomited it up at 6 AM the next morning.

Peach Festival


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